Communication is key

* Would you like to be more confident at your next board meeting?

* Do you want to feel well prepared for that big negotiation?

* Are you looking to better your public speaking skills?

* Or, do you simply wish to improve your English language skills?

I can help you do all this, and more!

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English Language Services

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Copywriting / Editing

Copywriting and Editing

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"The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary to management success." - James Cash Penney

Welcome to Executive Communications

Hello and welcome to Executive Communications. My name is Daniel A. Stewart.

Nowadays in this modern world, English has become the "lingua franca," in other words the language that is used by all people to do business, travel, and generally communicate with others who maybe don't speak their native tongue.

With over 20 years of English language instruction experience, I have worked with hundreds of people, from board members and business leaders of some of the biggest international companies, public figures such as actors, singers and television personalities, artists and craftsmen, students of all ages, to the very youngest little ones as young as 5 years old!

I helped them. I can help you.

Strengthen your English language skills

Do you find yourself stumbling over your words when writing?
Do you have trouble expressing exactly what it is you want to say?
Are there times when you can't recall the right words?
Do you want to STOP making the same mistakes, over and over again?

Study at any level, from beginner to expert

Are you a new student to the English language just beginning to learn?
Are you an intermediate speaker that would like to improve your skills?
Or maybe an advanced learner that wants to polish your already acquired level?

Other Services:

Private instruction

Private Instruction

From absolute beginner to university professor, I have a programme that will suit you, and the experience to know how to implement it in a fun, effective way, and with no stress.

I will give you what you need to start speaking the way you want.



For over 8 years, I have been doing vocal recording and overdubbing in a variety of interesting jobs, such as: English e-books, teaching materials, video games, audio guides, promotional films and animated films.

And many, many others.

I offer:

  • * Individualized programs of English language intruction suited to your needs and requirements
  • * Correction of grammar and pronunciation
  • * Preparation for public speaking - meetings and presentions
  • * Preparation for business negotiations
  • * Copywriting/editing and proofreading for publication
  • * Overdubbing and vocal talent
  • * Informal conversation
  • * Travel to your location - office or home